About Us

Circa Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1985 to provide quality protection products to the telecommunications industry. Circa's headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, along with fully integrated manufacturing, service and distribution facilities. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Circa Telecom USA, Inc., Circa provides sales and service support to the U.S. marketplace. In 1988, Circa became a public company, and today is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Manufactured in Canada, Circa Telecom’s UL497 rated line of lightning protection is sold through the best datacomm distributors in North America. Circa Telecom’s continued growth has allowed the addition of new products, including an outdoor-rated NEMA 4X box line, CAT5e High-Speed Building Entrance Terminals and Enhanced Hybrid Module lines. Circa Telecom’s efforts to educate the industry on selecting the right 5-Pin module with its Digital vs. Analog campaign has made a tangible difference in the marketplace, further demonstrating its leadership in the primary protection arena.  Expertise, quality manufacturing and a genuine concern for our customers make Circa Telecom the perfect choice for primary telecom protection.